MD: Albuquerque, Civic Plaza

Visit Civic Plaza in downtown Albuquerque. The center of Albuquerque where all the action happens. There are several portals in the center of this set that you cannot drive to. Not cargressable.

MD: Albuquerque, Murals

Visit a fraction of the wall murals all across the city. Some are commissions ... some freelance. Cargressable. It is spread out so a longish walk.

MD: Albuquerque, Wall Mosaics

Wall Mosaics, Wall Mosaics, and more Wall Mosaics. The Sunflower Mosaics is not quite reachable from the road, not cargressable.

MD: Albuquerque, Transportation Center

Discover the transportation center of Albuquerque. Get moving to all them portals. Amtrak station isn't reachable by car. Not cargressable.

MD: Albuquerque, Justice District

Follow the rules and have some fun with the justice district of Albuquerque. The Stone Birds portal is not reachable from the road, so not cargressable.

MD: Albuquerque, Saw Mill District

It's the cool, hip and trendy Sawmill District. Cargressable.

MD: Albuquerque, Spiritual Vibe

Albuquerque's spiritual vibe runs deep. Hack these portals and find your inner self.

MD: Albuquerque, A Bite to Eat on Route 66

Nom, nOm, noM. Delicious nosh for you and your friends. Don't forget the green chile!
It stretches across the city, so you really need a car. Completely cargressable.

MD: Albuquerque, Bridge Over the Rio Grande (I-40)

The grande Rio Grande river may separate the city but this bridge connects the two sides. This is done more easily by walking over the bridge. The street speed is quite fast, so not easily cargressed.

MD: Albuquerque, Bachechi Open Space

Take some time during your ingress adventures to relax in Alameda's Bachechi open space.
A lovely place to walk, not cargressable.

MD: Albuquerque, Aquarium/Botanical Gardens

Albuquerque's Aquarium / Botanical Gardens is a beautiful and relaxing place to visit all year round.

MD: Albuquerque, Tingley Park

Tingley Park is a hidden gem and everyone needs to visit this small fishing spot.

MD: Albuquerque, National Hispanic Cultural Center

Viva Albuquerque! Learn about the rich history of the southwest.

MD: Albuquerque, Historic 4th Street Tiles

Let these colorful tiles welcome you to Barelas the oldest neighborhood in Albuquerque. A trip up 4th street. Cargressable

MD: Albuquerque, Downtown Parks

Parks and Ingress go together like peanut butter and jelly, pineapple and pizza, chile and cheese

MD: Albuquerque, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Visit the PCC and learn about all the native cultures in and around New Mexico.

MD: Albuquerque, Amazingly Perfect Altura Park

Altura Park is the most ingress famous park in Albuquerque and everyone needs to visit, destroy, deploy, mod, link and hack this park to all their delights. Completely cargressable.

MD: Albuquerque, International Balloon Museum

The international balloon museum is known around the world. Visit the museum and learn all there is to learn about hot air balloons. Cargressable.